Articles about Kropotkin

Two notes:

1) I am adopting this convention: if I provide a pdf or a link to reading online, then I will not provide bibliographical information here (it will be available on pdf or online).  If I do not provide a pdf or a link to reading online, then I will provide bibliographic information on this page.

2) It would be impossible to list every paper ever written that mentions Kropotkin by name.  I would guess there are tens of thousands of such papers.  Though not a hard and rule, generally speaking, I included papers that made at least three separate references to Peter or his work.

  1. The First Darwinian Left: Radical and Socialist Responses to Darwin, 1859-1914 (as a pdf) 
  2. Kropotkin biography, The Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
  3. "Mutual aid" and "animal dispersion" - An Historical Analysis of Alternatives to Darwin (as a pdf)
  4. The Neglected Kropotkin (as a pdf)
  5. My Father, Prince Kropotkin (as a pdf) 
  6. The Faces of Mr. Cogito (as a pdf) 

  7. The Liberal Gene: Sociobiology as Emancipatory Discourse in the Late Soviet Union (as a pdf) 

  8. Darwinism, Christianity, and the Great Vivisection Debate (as a pdf) 

  9. Anarchy and Culture: The Evolutionary Turn of Cultural Criticism in the Work of Oscar Wilde

  10. Private Giving in the Welfare State (as a pdf) 

  11. The Uses of Butterflies (as a pdf) 

  12. Diesel, Father and Son: Social Philosophies of Technology (as a pdf) 

  13. Discussion of Violent Revolution, From a Jail Cell (as a pdf) 

  15.  Macroscope: Prince Kropotkin's Ghost (as a pdf)   
  16. An Unpublished Essay on Leo Tolstoy by Peter Kropotkin (as a pdf) 
  17. Darwin's Malthusian Metaphor and Russian Evolutionary Thought, 1859-1917  (as a pdf) 
  18. Of Mice and Men: Evolution and the Socialist Utopia. William Morris, H.G. Wells, and George Bernard Shaw (as a pdf) 
  21. The 'Book Affair' of the Chaykovsky Circle (as a pdf)
  22. Social Interaction and Social Processes (as a pdf)

  23. Thoreau's Politics of the Upright Man (as a pdf)

  24. Orthogenesis versus Darwinism : The Russian case

  25. Thoughts and Suggestions on the Social Problem and Things in General (1888-1889)

  26. The Death of Kropotkin (as a pdf)
  27. Peter Kropotkin, His Federalist Ideas (as a pdf)   
  28. Ideological Conflicts in Russian Populism: The Revolutionary Manifestoes of the Chaikovsky Circle, 1869-1874 (as a pdf)   
  30. Fields of Vision: Kropotkin and Revolutionary Change (as a pdf)
  31. The Future Society According to Kropotkin (as a pdf)
  32. Kropotkin, Chronology 
  33. Geography at the British Association, Toronto, 1897

  34. Mutual Aid: An Introduction and Evaluation
  35. The way a Central Asian geographical paradox was solved

  36. Kropotkin, the man and his message (vis the University of Michigan
  37. Did Kropotkin support World War I? 
  38. Review of Mutual Aid, in Political Science Quarterly (as a pdf) 
  39. Two Modern Social Philosophies (as a pdf)
  40. The Anarchists and Education in Spain, 1868-1909 (as a pdf)
  41. New Maps, Bulletin of the American Geographical Society (as a pdf)
  42. Urban Environmental Education: A Subversive Form of Community Study? (as a pdf)
  43. Letters to the Editor (Gordon TullockEdwin H. RutkowskiJames W. FeslerJohn SlatterJohn DreijmanisDaniel R. PinelloKenneth S. SherrillJeffrey EdwardsTracy Lightcap) (as pdf)

  44. Terrorism and Anarchy: Late 19th-Century Images of a Political Phenomenon in France (as a pdf)

  45. The Liberal Gene: Sociobiology as Emancipatory Discourse in the Late Soviet Union (as a pdf)

  46. Bears in the Lion's Den: The Figure of the Russian Revolutionary Emigrant in English Fiction, 1880-1914 (as a pdf)

  47. Review of Mutual Aid in The  British Medical Journal (as a pdf)

  48. Review of Mutual Aid in The American Naturalist (as a pdf)
  49. Review of Ethics, By Frans Boas in The Journal of Philosophy (as a pdf)
  50.  Review of Ethics in International Journal of Ethics (as a pdf)
  51. Review of Ethics, in Philosophical  Review (as a pdf) 
  52. P. A. Kropotkin on Legality and Ethics
  53. Review of Fields, Factories and Workshops in the Economic Journal (as a pdf)
  54. Review of Memoirs of a Revolutionist in The Slovonic and East European Review (as a pdf)
  55. Review of the Great French Revolution in The American Historical Review (as a pdf)
  56. Freedom Anarchist Pamphlets, NO.4, Tribute to Kropotkin ( series of essays)
  57.  Kropotkin, His Federalist Ideas
  58. Changing Symbols: The Renovation of Moscow Place Names

  59. Kropotkin in America (as a pdf)
  60. Kropotkin, Marx and Dewey (as a pdf)
  61. Veblen and Kropotkin on Human Evolution(as a pdf) 
  62. George Kennan: Russian Specialist of the 1890s

  63. Peter Kropotkin's Anarchist Communism 
  64. Kropotkin, The Master.
  65. Prince Kropotkin(as a pdf)
  66. Kropotkin, self-valorization and the Crisis of Marxism
  67. Kropotkin was no crackpot (as a pdf)
  68. Galois -- Ideology and the Idea of Nature: The Case of Peter Kropotkin (as a pdf)
  69. Mutual Aid and Social evolution (as a pdf)
  70. Kropotkin and Spatial Theory  (as pdf)
  71. The Political Pivot of Geography(as a pdf)
  72. The Escape of Prince Kropotkin (as a pdf)
  73. Evolution and Revolution: The Ecological Anarchism of Kropotkin and Bookchin (as a pdf)
  74. Teaching Social Justice: Reviving Geography's Neglected Tradition (as a pdf)
  75. Our Most Distinguished Refugee (as a pdf)
  76. Social Morals and Ethics of Nature, From Peter Kropotkin to Murray Bookchin (as a pdf)
  77. The Scott Keltie Report and the Teaching of Geography in Great Britain (as a pdf)
  78. Prince Kropotkin's Philosophy in Light of Today (as a pdf)
  79. Evolution and a Free Society: Spencer, Kropotkin and Popper (as a pdf)
  80. Kropotkin and Lenin (as a pdf)
  81. Kropotkin's theory of mutual aid in historical context (as a pdf)  
  82. Imperialism, Intellectual Networks, and Environmental Change: Origins and Evolution of Global Environmental History, 1676-2000: Part I (as pdf)
  83. Suess's Classification of Eurasian Mountains (as a pdf)

  84. The way a Central Asian geographical paradox was solved (as a pdf)
  85. The Campaign for Geography in Education: The Work of the Geographical Association 1893–1993 (as a pdf)

  86. Struggle or Mutual Aid: Jane Addams, Petr Kropotkin, and the Progressive Encounter with Social Darwinism

  87. Kropotkin, Reclus, and 'Relevant' Geography (as a pdf)
  88. Emma Goldman's "The text of an article and a clipping in memory of Peter Kropotkin and incomplete sets of diary notes concerning the year 1921 (read online, ISSH item 5)
  89. Emma Goldman's "Peter Kropotkin (Piotr Alexeievitch Kropotkin)". (read online, ISSH item 246)
  90. Alexander Berkman's "Manuscript of 'Reminiscences of Peter Kropotkin (In Memoriam)', Stockholm, January 1922 (read online, ISSH items 180 and 181)
  91. Alexander Berkman's "Notes relating to the Russian revolution, prisons, arrests, Peter Kropotkin and other subjects." (read online, ISSH item 187)
  92. Alexander Berkman's "Manuscript of 'The Significance of Kropotkin's Life and Teaching'. With notes 'Extracts from P. Kropotkin 's (a) letter to Nettlau" (read online, ISSH item 198).
  93. The Correspondence of P.A. Kropotkin as Historical Source Material (as pdf)
  94. The Reception of Peter Kropotkin in Britain, 1886-1917 (as a pdf)
  95. Peter Kropotkine. De Gedenkschriften van een Revolutionair . Vertaald door F. Domela Nieuwenhuis. In: de Nieuwe CourantHet Vaderland en het Volksdagblad by Nieuwenhuis (housed at International Institute of Social History)
  96. "Nettlau Manuscript of ‘Peter Kropotkin as seen by an Old Comrade’, 36 p. folio. 1934, March." (as a pdf from International Institute of Social History).
  97. Obituary on Kropotkin by Nettlau 1921 (read online, ISSH item 692).
  98. Obituary: Prince Kropotkin in Geographical Journal (as a pdf) 
  99. Kropotkine savant. Vingt-cinq lettres inédites de Pierre Kropotkine à Marie Goldsmith. 27 juillet 1901-9 juillet 1915 (as a pdf)
  100. The Uses of Butterflies (as a pdf)

  101. "One Moment in the World's Salvation": Anarchism and the Radicalization of William James (as a pdf)

  102. Lewis Mumford and the Organicist Concept in Social Thought (as a pdf)

  103. Excavating Utopia: Why Archaeologists Should Study "Ideal" Communities of the Nineteenth Century (as a pdf)

  104. Toward a Strategy of Group Work Practice (as a pdf)

  105. Transnational Romance, Terror, and Heroism: Russia in American Popular Fiction, 1860-1917

     (as a pdf)

  106. Diesel, Father and Son: Social Philosophies of Technology  (as a pdf)

  107. The Ants Were Duly Visited': Making Sense of John Lubbock, Scientific Naturalism and the

    Senses of Social Insects (as  pdf)

  108. Socialism and Anarchism in Early Republican China (as a pdf)

  109. Darwinism and Social Darwinism (as a pdf)

  110. Social Discontent and the Labor Troubles (as a pdf)

  111. Anarchism in the United States (as a pdf)

  112. Emerald Thrones and Living Statues: Theater and Theatricality on the Russian Estate (as a pdf)

  113. A Metro on the Mount: The Underground as a Church of Soviet Civilization (as a pdf)

  114. Utopian Landscapes: The Legacy of Alternative Communities (as a pdf)

  115. "Il comunismo anarchico e Pietro Kropotkin (1876-1930)' and ‘L'Adunata dei Refrattari'. Manuscripts by Max Nettlau. With corrections and additions by Max Nettlau. 1931." Hard copy available at IISH, L' Adunata dei refrattari Archives, item 125.

  116. Rudolph Rocker Archive, " Kropotkin and the jewish Labor Movement in England". Hard copy available at IISH, item 335.

  117. Rudolph Rocker Archive, Korn, M. (Marie Goldsmith) : " Peter Kropotkin and the Russian Revolutionary Movement". Hard copy available at IISH, item 426.

  118. Alexander Berkman papers, "Manuscript of 'Reminiscences of Peter Kropotkin (In Memoriam)', Stockholm, January 1922. With manuscript of a different version and a clipping of Freedom (London) March 1922, in which it was published. 1922."  Read online at IISH, 180.

  119. Alexander Berkman papers, "Manuscript of 'Reminiscence. In Memoriam of Peter A. Kropotkin '. N.d.
    1 cover. Read online at IISH, 181.

  120. Alexander Berkman papers, "Manuscript of 'The Significance of Kropotkin's Life and Teaching'. With notes 'Extracts from P. Kropotkin 's (a) letter to Nettlau '. N.d.Read online at IISH, 198.

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